Nov 26, 2010

When Bellatrix has Facebook..

I love this the most.

Ni lagi satu yang mengong..

Nak ROTFLMFAO lagi pegi sini.

Nov 23, 2010

Jadi Senior Tahun Depan?

Dah nak Form 5 dah?Lagi satu tahun je nak habis sekolah.Masa darjah 4, teringat macam mana aku nnti masa kat sekolah menengah.Haa, sekarang dah nak jadi senior pulak, senior paling tua.Hakhak!!Tapi tapi , aku harap tahun 2011 ni biarlah cepat habis.Taknak menangung ketensionan yang melampau.Memang giliran aku pulak duduk SPM tahun depan, tapi aku ada dua orang adik lagi yang juge akan ambil exam penting , UPSR dan PMR.Arghhhhhhhh!!!Tension gile-gile.

Sebagai anak yang sulung, aku kenalah ajar adik2 aku.Tu baru satu.Kat sekolah pula jadi pengerusi kelab campur jadi guru muda dalam kelas.Nasib baik tak mohon jadi pengawas.Jadi pengawas pun bagus juge kan, senang masuk universiti.Tapi cukuplah bebanan yang kena tanggung tu.

::Demam tak reda lagi

Nov 19, 2010

HP:Deathly Hallows Part 1 One of the Best

This is just a personal review.
Am I a DIE HARD fan of Harry Potter?No.No.That was a few years ago.I like everything; the movies, the books, the story, the characters, the actors,the game, the score, almost everything.Now I'm still lovin' it, enjoy the books and the movies, but not a die hard fan.

Okay, yesterday I finally got to watch it at my local cinema.This is my first time to watch a movie on the first day it released.Yeah, I'm so excited.Plus, it's Thursday.Not many people going to watch on that day.At least, at my local cinema.

The movie?I'm truly enjoyed.Not a dissapointment.They followed closely just like in the book.Except they added additional scenes.Those who already read the book you can get along with the movie but those who aren't, try to understand , don't get upset easily.My mother for example, didn't understand what is going on with the movie so I have to explain this and that.Cannot concentrate.

The trio.
I missed the early scene.My mother bought the ticket at the time the movie was running.She doesn't want to watch at night.Have to follow her.One special thing about the movie is set on  superb beautiful locations.Cannot explain.Go for yourself.

I didn't feel like it is 2 hours 20 minutes long.When Voldemort at the Dumbledore's tomb, I said "Oh,please,please jangan la sampai kat sini". Ok. I know it gonna ended like that but I really hope a little more longer.I mean come on, 24 chapter for 2 hours 20 min?

My recommended, go watch it.It's one of the best series yet.

:: Btw, books always better than the movies ;).
Next, Narnia!

p/s: I'm a die hard fan of Narnia.Childish am I?

Nov 18, 2010

Farewell Form 4

Today should be the last day of school
My last was on Monday ;)

Farewell Form 4
Say Hye to Form 5

Nov 17, 2010

Cool Tiny Application ~Tweetdeck

File:TweetDeck logo.png

Okay, I just installed an application called Tweetdeck. Dari nama tu, kita tahu mesti ada kaitan dengan twitter.Ah ha! Memang pun.Tapi apa fungsi die?

From wiki:
TweetDeck is an Adobe AIR desktop application for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,[2] Google Buzz, Foursquare, and MySpace. Like other Twitter applications it interfaces with the Twitter API to allow users to send and receive tweets and view profiles.

Maksudnya dari situ kita boleh update status kita terus ke account yang kita nak macam twitter, facebook..dalam masa yang sama.Tak payah nak bukak facebook atau twitter punya website.Kalau rasa malas nak bukak website semua tu, pakai tweetdeck senang.

Ni Tweetdeck yang baru diinstall..

Best tak? hehe...baru je install benda lah ni.Saya rasa memang bagus, boleh update status kita ke smua account macam yang saya taip tadi, dalam masa yang sama.Lagi lagi memang malas nak bukak website myspace dan twitter ;).

Kelebihan?Ada banyak lagi.

::Cool widget.Berbaloi download, :D

Nov 15, 2010

Layan Lagu: Love The Way You Lie Part 2 ft.Eminem

Lagu ni ibarat sekuel kepada yang original.Dalam part ni, Rihanna pula yang jadi penyanyi utama.Hmm..papepun saya tetap suka kedua-dua version lagu ni.

On the first page of our story, the future seems so bright.
And this thing turned out so evil, I don’t know why I’m still surprised.
Even angels have their wicked schemes and you take death to new extremes.
But you’ll always be my hero, even though you lost your mind.

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn,
But that’s alright because I like the way it hurts.
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry,
But that’s alright because I love the way you lie, I love the way you lie.
I love the way you lie.

Now this gravel in our voices, glass is shattered from the fight.
In this tug of war, you’ll always win, even when I’m right.
Cause you feed me fables from your hand,
With violet words and empty threats and it’s sick that all these battles are what keeps me satisfied.

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn,
But that’s alright because I like the way it hurts.
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry,
But that’s alright because I love the way you lie, I love the way you lie.
Ohhh, I love the way you lie.

So maybe I’m a masochist
I try to run but I don’t wanna ever leave.
Til the walls are goin’ up in smoke with all our memories.

This morning, you wake, a sunray hits your face
smeared makeup as we lay in the wake of destruction
hush baby, speak softly, tell me I’ll be sorry that you
pushed me into the coffee table last night so I can push you off me
try and touch me so I can scream at you not to touch me
run out the room and I’ll follow you like a lost puppy
baby, without you, I’m nothing, I’m so lost, hug me
then tell me how ugly I am, but that you’ll always love me
then after that, shove me, in the aftermath of the
destructive path that we’re on, two psychopaths but we
know that no matter how many knives we put in each other’s backs
that we’ll have each other’s backs, ’cause we’re that lucky
together, we move mountains, let’s not make mountains out of molehills,
you hit me twice, yeah, but who’s countin’
I may have hit you three times, I’m startin’ to lose count
but together, we’ll live forever, we found the youth fountain
our love is crazy, we’re nuts, but I refused counselin’
this house is too huge, if you move out I’ll burn all two thousand
square feet of it to the ground, ain’t shit you can do about it
with you I’m in my f–kin’ mind, without you, I’m out it

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn,
But that’s alright because I like the way it hurts.
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry,
But that’s alright because I love the way you lie, I love the way you lie.
Ohhh, I love the way you lie.
I love the way you lie.

Lagu di atas ni bukan yang official version punya.Memang payah nak cari yang original kat youtube ni.Kalau suka,  download lah kat sini:

:: I love the drums.

Nov 14, 2010

Number 1 Was Killed In

Mungkin ramai yang dah tengok trailer ni, saya je yang ketinggalan.Teringin jugak nak tahu pasal movie ni, sebab saya teramatlah suka nombor 4 :P

Who killed Number 1?

1 Malaysia ka?

From wiki:

 "Nine infant aliens, who closely resemble humans, flee their home planet, Lorien, to hide on Earth. An invading species, the Mogadorians, have destroyed their planet, and follow them to Earth to hunt them down. Each of the nine aliens is given a guardian and will develop superhuman powers as they become adults. They are each assigned a number. These last children of Lorien can only be killed in the sequence of their numbers.Numbers One, Two, and Three have been killed so far.
Number Four , also named John Smith, moves to Paradise, Ohio, disguised as an American high school student. He makes a friend, Sarah Hart , a sweet Midwestern girl who is a photographer. After being on the run his whole life, Number Four falls in love and now has something to stand up and fight for."

La... citer alien rupanya.Arghhhh, tak minat tak minat!

Nov 12, 2010


Just short review:

  • I ate McDonald's burger today
  • I ate KFC's burger yesterday
  • I ate Ramly's burger the day before yesterday

This week just went wrong :O. I do not intend to eat burger for the whole week.It just happened.

Nov 10, 2010

Doctor vs. Engineer

Semenjak naik ke form 4, mula dah nak fikir pasal masa depan.Mula la nak buat research dan pilihan kerjaya yang bersesuaian dengan minat.Banyak-banyak kerjaya ada beberapa diantaranya yang menarik bagi aku.Tapi tak bermakna aku suka atau minat.Dua kerjaya yang aku nak sentuh ni ialah doktor dengan engineer.

 Secara umumnya, kedua-dua kerjaya ni sangatlah jauh beza bidangnya.Doktor lebih kepada biologi manakala engineer lebih kepada fizik dan add math.Nak senang kata, kerja doktor ni membedah orang.Tapi kalau engineer pulak dia membedah mesin.Itu pandangan aku la.

Kedua-dua kerjaya ni memang tergolong dalam kerjaya profesional.Income pun lumayan.Paling utama, memang kena belajar sampai peringkat tinggi.

Lagi satu, kalau bab-bab menghafal ni memang kerja doktor. Baca buku bio tu kan nak kena memorize smua tu.Kalau yang suka nak selesaikan problem dan cabaran, yang tu ada ciri-ciri jadi engineer.Majoriti engineer ni kaum lelaki daripada kaum perempuan.Aku pun fikir jgak kenapa orang lelaki suka main game, tak kira apa  jenis game. Pasal main game tu memang kena banyak berfikir, macam mana strategi dia nak menang.Aku bagi contoh, main chess, atau pun main video game.Semua ni memang nak kena berfikir, kan?Aku pun suka main game, tapi kalau susah sangat tengok walkthrough je. :P

So bagi aku, nak hafal fakta tu lagi mudah daripada nak selesaikan soalan add math.Peluang aku nak jadi engineer ni memang tipis.Memang bukan pilihan aku pun.Yang penting, kerjaya mesti ada serasi dengan minat.Jangan pulak minat lain, belajar lain, kerja pun lain.

::A bad engineer and a bad doctor.Which one is worse?

Nov 7, 2010

Windows 7 is not genuine.YES!!! IT'S GONE!

  • Download removeWAT.2.2.5
  • Run it.Just take a few seconds
  • Restart

RemoveWAT- remove Windows Activation Technologies (WAT)  from the windows operating system. Once I removes it I can activate my Windows 7 retaining genuine status and receiving updates! And also pass the genuine check in Microsoft’s official tools !

::Thanks goodness for that simple solution!

Nov 5, 2010

Psychotic Clown

Spending my five-day-holiday  in front of laptop.Yeah!Saat yang paling ditunggu selepas 2 minggu  'struggling' dengan exam.

I would like to talk about an old movie.  It's not very old, kinda '90.And what I want to tell is one of my scariest movie during my childhood.I'm a teenager now, so those phases are different right? Heard IT? Dont confuse.IT is a name of a movie.Technically, it is not a movie, but I watched it through CD.

|The story revolves around an inter-dimensional predatory life-form that is simply referred to as "It", which has the ability to transform itself into its prey's worst fears, which allows it to exploit the fears and phobias of its victims while also disguising itself when hunting."The Losers Club", or "The Seven", a group of social outcasts who discover "It" and vow to destroy him by any means necessary.Takes place over two different time periods, the first when the Losers first discover "It", and the second when they are called back to defeat "It", who has resurfaced. "It" mostly takes the form of a sadistic clown called "Pennywise the Dancing Clown", which it uses to lure children and kill them |

RonaLD McDonald's cousin?

I'd lost the CD but this series can be watch everywhere on Internet.The easiest, just look out on youtube.

:: IT had a resemble of Bozo, Clarabell, and Ronald McDonald

Nov 1, 2010

New SPM 2011 Novels

It has been a long time since I made a discover about  Form 5 new novels for the next year.So I've found it from other blog and I'd like to share the details about the novels in this post.

For Pahang, Terengganu, Johor, Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan state.

For Selangor, Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca state.

For Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Perak, Kelantan state.

And by today I just found  new BM novel for my state!! It's called 'Kabus Di Perbukitan'.

For Johor,Sabah, Sarawak, and Labuan state.

For the anthology,

No interest with the cover , but hey! don't judge the book by its cover.

And the rest...

  • Sutera Lukisan-Melaka, Kelantan, Terengganu dan Pahang
  • Kembara Amiera- Perak, Pulau Pinang, Kedah dan Perlis
  • Interlok- Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, WP Kuala Lumpur