Jul 31, 2011

A Summary for July

long time no updates, so i just make a summary.

July, the worst month, as always.
Went to Taylor's workshop, not bad as I think.
Addicted to tumblr.
Still with shaken voice .
Now with short hair, and i hated it.
Mom never let me watch movies again.until finish spm., So that's mean I have to delay The Adventures of Tintin three weeks after the release date.( Is Captain America good?)
Always encounter with stupid moments, be in my home, school, or anywhere.
One day,my Mom told me she nearly named me with the name 'April'.
First time eat lemon (yup, never taste it the whole life), I swear no other fruits that taste so sour than this.(but i like the colour). So I squeezed it to get the juice into a glass, add sugar and cold water-----> lemonade. But that's just a simple method. You have to buat air gula dulu dan banyak lemon.
Some bitches that make my hated to them even worse. Feel can t wait to leave school.

So that's it.Actually, I really want to write serious-kind-of-topic posts like everybody else rather than mumbling and bumbling here.After spm, perhaps?

broken english. fuq it.