Oct 30, 2010

Exam finished?Not Yet!

There's still one more,  that is PI.
and sivik as well.
These few days,I just sit down in front of my laptop, tried to search for a new template like a hell!
I've found some of them are really nice but they're not working with this blogger.
Finally,I picked this one.
It's good, imo , but not  great.

::delete my adobe p. cs4, need another source.

Oct 21, 2010

Haze shuts Muar schools

 From Straits Times:
|KUALA LUMPUR- AN EDUCATION official says more than 200 schools in southern Malaysia have been ordered closed after a drop in air quality due to haze from fires in Indonesia.

Mohamad Adha Shah Mohamad Basir says the schools in Muar district were told to shut on Thursday.
Department of Environment readings showed pollution levels in the district in southern Johor state were potentially hazardous earlier this week. Air quality was moderate on Thursday after morning rains.

Mohamad Adha Shah said the schools were shut as a precaution and might reopen on Friday. The state is distributing face masks to all public servants and students.

Jungle fire in Indonesia has sent the haze to Peninsula Malaysia, resulting in the air pollutant index (API) in Muar to shoot up to 432 on Wednesday, well into the hazardous range that begins from 301.
Haze periodically troubles parts of South-east Asia, usually coming from neighbouring Indonesia where farmers illegally start fires to clear land. -- AFP|

::If I'd listened to my mum, I could continue my sleeping.

Oct 19, 2010

The Rest is History.

Today I were struggled with English test.Ouch!!My hand!The two and a half-hour-writing really  killing me.I'm so dead in SPM.
Next, Sejarah.Just finished 2 topics and I know I can't finish reading the whole book today.PI- not even a single letter.On the last day, Maths.I find it is difficult tho. 

My head gonna blow out for a fortnight.

::sorry, for the babbling.

Oct 7, 2010

Won't Be In Front of Laptop

Pergi ke tak pegi ke kena tetap pergi jugak!Terpaksa.Takde excuse.Nama pun dah masuk dalam senarai.Walau pown dengan hati yang berat, 3 hari tanpa di rumah, atau berada di depan laptop, I'm hoping kursus tu betul2 best dan membawa kenangan yang manis ;).Apa yang saya risau ialah kemudahan kat tempat tu.Tidur, kat dalam khemah.Nak mandi pulak?I'm hoping there's clean bathroom or else I don't want to bath! Pusat Pertanian Sg. Sudah.Rasa pelik jugak nama tempat tu.Anyway, this is my first time to go such an outdoor-activities-programme.Yeah.A bit janggal sikit.I'm gonna go by tomorrrow until Sunday.I still not packing the things, feel like I'm not ready.But I have to.Urgh!I dont know what else I could think beside this.

Today.I'm just finished HP 7 book!!!The ending- so much awesomeness.Now the movie is just a month ahead.But, but, but, I have to forget about this thing because the exam is in next two weeks and I'm still not prepared fully, honestly.There's still one more week left before the exams.Look.Times moves very faster than I can feel it.


Oct 5, 2010

Membaca sambil Berblog

Masa begitu pantas.Cuti hari minggu bersambung dengan cuti 2 hari rasa memang tak cukup.By tomorrow, have to go back to school and I, truly, not ready for this.BTW, since last week, I keep reading all the time.I've borrowed a book that I'm eager to read a few years ago, and also a big fan of it.Aha! it actually  a famous J.K. Rowling's book.I'm sure that you-readers- know that book.

Back then, I'm not really a big fan.But still,have interest about it.Since it is the last and the final book,and, of course I want to know the the truth and the ending it would be.And also, the movie will release soon!About a month away!!There's still time for me to read the book before the film comes out.At first, I thought I'll never get a chance to read it but thanks to my school's library.Enough about this.

Exam.Just around the corner.And honestly, I'm not so well-prepared .I feel I just want to continue my holiday tomorrow and reading that book.Still not finished yet.

::What to write?There's still more in my head.