Feb 25, 2012


February has come to the end, yet I still don't know where to go after this. Some of my classmate have pursue their pre-u studies in January (so advanced), and me still undecided for my pathway instead just sitting at home doing unproductive matters. I'm also thinking of going to work, but haih, I don't know why I'm afraid to go work. 'To work or not to work?'

After doing some researches on internet, I realized math is still important and a must subject to take and pass.at least.It's not that I hate that subject. I'm doing it good but since my add math was such a failure, it turned me down to favor math.

Now math in university is not like the math modern but a more complex continuity from add math SPM. Gah!!! I just know about this and have no idea that I'm gonna learn that differentiation-integration-vectors-geometry topic again. Oh well, I guess I should do some revise from now on, no matter what my result are.


RastaMat said...

yeah math is sooooooooooooooooo important

Hayla said...

then apply it to solve world problems.that's why it can become a career.