Oct 5, 2010

Membaca sambil Berblog

Masa begitu pantas.Cuti hari minggu bersambung dengan cuti 2 hari rasa memang tak cukup.By tomorrow, have to go back to school and I, truly, not ready for this.BTW, since last week, I keep reading all the time.I've borrowed a book that I'm eager to read a few years ago, and also a big fan of it.Aha! it actually  a famous J.K. Rowling's book.I'm sure that you-readers- know that book.

Back then, I'm not really a big fan.But still,have interest about it.Since it is the last and the final book,and, of course I want to know the the truth and the ending it would be.And also, the movie will release soon!About a month away!!There's still time for me to read the book before the film comes out.At first, I thought I'll never get a chance to read it but thanks to my school's library.Enough about this.

Exam.Just around the corner.And honestly, I'm not so well-prepared .I feel I just want to continue my holiday tomorrow and reading that book.Still not finished yet.

::What to write?There's still more in my head.

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