Oct 21, 2010

Haze shuts Muar schools

 From Straits Times:
|KUALA LUMPUR- AN EDUCATION official says more than 200 schools in southern Malaysia have been ordered closed after a drop in air quality due to haze from fires in Indonesia.

Mohamad Adha Shah Mohamad Basir says the schools in Muar district were told to shut on Thursday.
Department of Environment readings showed pollution levels in the district in southern Johor state were potentially hazardous earlier this week. Air quality was moderate on Thursday after morning rains.

Mohamad Adha Shah said the schools were shut as a precaution and might reopen on Friday. The state is distributing face masks to all public servants and students.

Jungle fire in Indonesia has sent the haze to Peninsula Malaysia, resulting in the air pollutant index (API) in Muar to shoot up to 432 on Wednesday, well into the hazardous range that begins from 301.
Haze periodically troubles parts of South-east Asia, usually coming from neighbouring Indonesia where farmers illegally start fires to clear land. -- AFP|

::If I'd listened to my mum, I could continue my sleeping.

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