Mar 27, 2011

Acer Crystal Eye Webcam Driver for Windows 7

After a couple of months since my father upgraded the Acer laptop to Windows 7 Ultimate, I just realized that my webcam cannot work and even the program itself doesn't appear on the start menu.I believe the webcam still can work, it needs a driver for Windows 7 to run it.

The stupid thing is I  didn't check for any solution out there on the net.Maybe I got too much with blogging?

So here's the perfect solution :

Just download, install, restart and voila!

It worked on mine.

And another one more thing, anybody care enough to give me a link download for adobe photoshop portable which around 70MB only, please, pretty please?


Anonymous said...

download link.

Anonymous said...

wah!sama dengan sama...da berkurun masalah ni x selesai sebab tak cari penyelesaiannya..tak tau bila buka blog ni terus ada penyelesaian yer..coz dis first time i go to ur blog..thanx~..

Miecyber said...

Nice tips...
I like it..


Hayla said...

@lucifer: the link worked!.thank you somuch!

@nurkima: nevermind, ur welcome.

@miecyber: thanks.