Jan 31, 2012

Of January

okay, I admitted I'm freakin' bored at home now.There's still another 4 months before i enroll to college or matriculation for my pre-u study. I had a strong intuition to go for foundation but it all depends on my SPM result. Speaking of the result,  it is expected to be announce on 22 March!!! So damn late. I don't understand.We sat for the exam so so much earlier yet the result will come out so so late.

okay, keep calm and wait for the the official announcement. Pray hard and bear in mind you had done the best effort to fight in the battle. I ,myself too, afraid because the result may be under or above my expectations. No one can tell. So dont be too overexcited just because you're extremely smart or feel losing hope just because you did horribly in the exam. Everyone had their own luck and chance. {A note to self and others.}

Move to another topic.Plenty of work I did at home. First, became a tutor to my siblings. Second, help mum do the housework. Third, read novel. Fourth, gum myself to laptop.

Became a tutor.
I must say that it is so torturing to teach someone to understand a simple concept or likewise an easy topic.Yes, to me it's a piece of cake but to them it is something new so I have to convince them why the working is like that why this why that how to get that and so on. Hell no I'm gonna choose teaching as my profession {I'm gonna edit my upu}.When it comes to teaching, it may take a lot of perseverance to explain one by one ensuring them to get understood.

Yeah, except the laundry and cook.

Read novel
Feel so good to spend countless minute of everyday by reading a book. I love books. Books are some things that I appreciated of. It may sound cliche to you but that's one of my precious thing in life.

Computer Games
Hidden object games is currently my favorite genre.How I wish I had a credit card so I can buy the games at bigfishgames website T_T. So far I had Great Secrets series, Mystery Case Files and Big City Adventure series.Soon I'll need new games to play but the internet speed um yeah you know.

Frankly speaking, most of the time I spend is on laptop.I do some research for a particular courses to pursue for my degree.

I had write too long.Will continue someday.

Congratulate to my school for the recognition as Sekolah Kluster Kecemerlangan.


RastaMat said...

all the best beb!!!

Hayla said...

kenapa blog org lain ade sistem reply ?? ke aq baru prasan benda tu baru ade? -.-

RastaMat said...

dah lama dah..aku pon penah guna masa pakai template sebelum ni..
cari la..