Jan 18, 2012

Cerita Tiga Ratus

okay, my father bought a movie called 300 , a Zack Snyder film to be more specific. As far as I know thing about movies (yeah moviegoer :D) 300 isn't ordinary war movie to be watched by family like Narnia or The Lord of the Rings.It is far more graphic than those movies and even strictly R-rated.

First thing that came out in my mind was how could my father bought that? Does he even knew the movie? or just randomly buy to fill his weekend by watching those?

We watched it till the very end anyway.Intense graphic battle, some explicit sex scenes that always make 'the awkward moment' while watching with parents but as for me when there's 'that' scene, I pick up my novel and pura-pura baca or to go to somewhere else to escape from 'that awkward moment' while others make the 'poker face'. Hey, I'm not yet legal and not even mature to understand this kind of movie.It's all about Spartans, I remember when I learned back in Form 4 Sejarah, a Greek civilization and one of them are Spartans.Unlike Athens, Spartans trained good and strong man to become a soldier. My Sejarah teacher said: 'kalau ada kanak-kanak atau bayi(kot) yang lemah mereka akan ditanam hidup-hidup'.In this movie, children are trained physically like punching or kicking or actions that you could think possibly the meanest thing to do in our life. I won't elaborate more but we must be grateful to live in this decades.

So, people slaying people in war like no mercy, I just kept my poker face but always keep in my mind to think positive. What I'm afraid of is my little brother, he is just 8 years old but I'm gave him a BIG BIG warning like a mother always did, heh^^.

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