Oct 11, 2011


Whenever I do something, there's something that I feel someone watching what I'm doing. Yeah, there's one girl that keeps me annoy and make me feel uneasy.God ,why is she doing this? I cant stand with her two big eye, staring at me even before I look at her back. It is like she wants to compare me with her. If I'm doing wrong for something, good, or study or reading or anything else , she'll give a sharp glance.

I try.I try to not look at her back.I try to ignore her. But that killing glance always screwed me up. I wasn't able to focus for what I'm doing, but wondering why is she always doing that. Hey, are you trying to get some attention or try to compare if I wasn't good than you? or in other words, you're so much better enough than me if I'm doing something wrong?

Bitch, i don't give a fuck about what are you doing, what are you gonna do, or what are you have done, but please get out from my sight.

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